MIMI Metallic Skin Transfer


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These temporary circular tattoos adapt to all kinds of breasts and enhance them. They retain the iconic classic Mimi shape, sensually decorating the skin and highlighting the beauty of the female body.

Contents: A game involving three Mimi pairs (6 units) in different colours: gold, silver and bronze.

REF.: 0227



-       A game involving three temporary tattoos in different colours: gold, silver and copper.

-       Metallic colours that stand out on any skin tone.

-       Easy to use: use the removable central circle if you want to apply them to your breasts.

-       Suitable for any area of the skin, except around the eyes and mucous membranes.

-       Mimi lasts for an average of 4 days.

-       Easy to remove: the tattoos wear off over time or can be removed using a drop of cleansing lotion.

-       Mimi <3 Summer! These skin decorations look great with swimwear and your best festival looks.

-       Unique design.

How to use it

Wash off any creams or oils from the area you wish to apply your "jewel". Trim, remove the clear protective film and place face down on the area in question. Ask for help if you prefer.

Wet for 30-40 seconds with cotton wool soaked in water and avoid circular movements. Once the specified time has passed, carefully remove the paper backing. Dry off any excess water by dabbing with a clean and dry towel.

When you're ready to remove your "jewel", you can do so using a cleansing lotion.

Do not apply around the eyes or mucous membranes. Do not use in case of skin conditions. If you're unsure, have a go with the little round one that's included so you can test it out and be sure how it works.


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  1. Gorgeous

    By Silken Sin June 05, 2017

    These easy to use transfers are gorgeous! They look equally sexy placed on a shoulder, or low on the back as they do placed over breasts or nipples. Very versatile product, and one that is going to be hot this summer I think!

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