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The touch of metal chains on your skin awakes your imagination... 

An elegant collar for any occasion and perfect bondage accessories to fulfill your most secret fantasies. Obey your senses!

Content: Silver metallic chains choker and body jewelry            
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-     Dual use! An elegant collar for any occasion and a perfect bondage accessory to fulfill your most secret fantasies. 

-     Wear it with your evening outfit, lingerie or simply with your skin.

-     Play without fear! There is no nickel in them so they will not cause any allergic reactions.

-     100% adjustable! The chains of the collar are adjustable. 

-     Make a splash! Wear your collar with Magnifique handcuffs.

-     The appearance of our collar is deceiving; turn them into the instruments you need to get started in soft bondage. 

-     Exclusive design by Bijoux Indiscrets.

-     Design inspired by the sensuous dancers in New York cabarets, where seduction is present in every detail. 

How to use it

We had arranged to go dancing with some friends. I dressed in my new shirt, my favorite jeans and that silver necklace he likes so much, Magnifique.

The doorbell rang, I opened the door, he took one look at my necklace and grabbing hold of its chains, he pulled me to him and kissed me. He knew what that necklace meant. We got to the place and went to the dance floor, he couldn’t tear his eyes away from my neck. You could tell that he wanted it to be over so the fun could begin.

We ran to my home, he laid me on the bed; he pulled a chain from his pocket, grabbed my cuffs and tied me up with them. My necklace had turned into the perfect accessory to fulfill my fantasies...


1 customer reviews

  1. Surprise not mentioned in description

    By Bijoux first timer March 01, 2017

    I saw the collar and on the shelf and couldn't resist buying it. When I opened the box at home, everything was in a tangle and it took awhile to undo. A clasp was even loose on its own, and I'm not sure if it is meant to be a spare or fell from somewhere.

    Ultimately, I got the collar on, and the two side chains clasped around the back to curve around the breasts like in the picture. That left a long chain dangling in the back, simulating a metal tail. I thought, well, that's sexy and I took myself before a mirror. I admired the view and felt incredibly sexy and suddenly no longer even slightly ashamed by the small imperfections in my body.

    But that's when I realized that the "tail" in the back... was meant to hook up to the center chain in the front, creating a metal thong... and the extra dangle in the front is now a pull chain... likely for stimulation.

    Yet this aspect isn't mentioned on the site description or in the video. Did my untangling of the jewelry create an accidental method of wearing the jewelry so that it's both adornment and toy? Or is this a secret that purchasers are meant to find out for themselves? Either way, I do not regret this first time purchase.

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