Magnifique · Metallic chain Choker gold

Magnifique · Metallic chain Choker gold



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The touch of metal chains on your skin awakes your imagination...

An elegant collar for any occasion and perfect bondage accessories to fulfill your most secret fantasies. Obey your senses!

Content: Metallic chains choker and body jewelry
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- Dual use! An elegant collar for any occasion and a perfect bondage accessory to fulfill your most secret fantasies.

- Wear it with your evening outfit, lingerie or simply with your skin.

- Play without fear! There is no nickel in them so they will not cause any allergic reactions.

- 100% adjustable! The chains of the collar are adjustable.

- Make a splash! Wear your collar with Magnifique handcuffs.

- The appearance of our collar is deceiving; turn them into the instruments you need to get started in soft bondage.

- Exclusive design by Bijoux Indiscrets.

- Design inspired by the sensuous dancers in New York cabarets, where seduction is present in every detail.

How to use it

We had arranged to go dancing with some friends. I dressed in my new shirt, my favorite jeans and that gold necklace he likes so much, Magnifique.

The doorbell rang, I opened the door, he took one look at my necklace and grabbing hold of its chains, he pulled me to him and kissed me. He knew what that necklace meant. We got to the place and went to the dance floor, he couldn’t tear his eyes away from my neck. You could tell that he wanted it to be over so the fun could begin.

We ran to my home, he laid me on the bed; he pulled a chain from his pocket, grabbed my cuffs and tied me up with them. My necklace had turned into the perfect accessory to fulfill my fantasies...


2 customer reviews

  1. Adds a touch of class to both my lingerie and my favourite red dress!

    By Pearl Grete November 30, 2017

    I thought this product was absolutely stunning. The one I received looked a little different to this one as the collar is not many separate chains but instead is interwoven, much like chain mail. I like it better this way as I believe it holds it's shape much better than individual chains and still looks very elegant. The gold colour was brilliant and I'm glad I chose this one over the silver product with the same design.

    There are also a few ways to wear the choker and the attachment chains make it very versatile and the design was completely unique from anything I'd ever seen, both in jewelry and in soft bondage One thing I would change is the golden clasp on the bottom of the centre chain as, although it can clearly be attached to other chains or other products in the collection, if I wanted to wear this piece as an accessory on it's own it may look incomplete. Personally, I felt that a teardrop could finish off the end much more nicely.

    I love that it feels feminine and sensual and adds a touch of class to both my lingerie and my favourite red dress. An absolutely beautiful product that is just as comfortable and adjustable as described.

    The one problem I had was that there is a rough and smooth side of the collar chain mail and if I laid the product flat, the left segment was rough side up and the right segment was smooth side up. When I tried to adjust it so both halves were showing the smooth side up at the same time, the ring attaching it to the centre looked twisted. I took some tweezers and gently undid the keyring-like clasp, turned the product over and reattached it in order to get both sides to match. This could be attributed to a one-time production error and I would not let it put you off purchasing the Magnifique metallic chain choker.

    Bijoux Indiscrets send their products in discrete brown packaging. My parcel was delivered on time to the UK and I was given email updates as to when the product would arrive. It was packaged with packing peanuts and with black and gold card inside. Not only did I receive the other product I ordered, I also received free samples of their range of massage lotions and a double-sided strawberry and champagne flavoured lollypop.

  2. I am totally wowed

    By Eve July 21, 2016

    I am totally wowed and praeerpd to take the next step now.

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