Flamboyant - Black and grey

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Shades of black and grey inspired by the colours of the night. Revel in the delicate beauty of the body made into a jewel. These ornaments can be worn with the finest lingerie and the self-adhesive silicone base to which they are attached make them very easy to apply.

Content: self-adhesive jellewed body decorations.

REF.: 0076



Did you know that...

...“Vajazzling” (the art of decorating the most sensual parts of one’s body with glittering jewels and crystals) is the newest trend in body art sweeping the U.S? And Flamboyant is the easiest and most sensual way of expressing yourself!

... Flamboyant is made with hypoallergenic silicone that adheres to skin and is easy to apply?

... the ornaments are meant for single use, but if you approach with caution, it’s possible they can be re-used? In this instance, try a bit of eyelash adhesive (external use only) when applying them again.


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