Where can I shop online from?

You can shop online from anywhere in the world. The shipping cost will vary depending on where you make your purchase.

How do I shop at Bijouxindiscrets.com?

Here at Bijoux Indiscrets, online shopping is super simple:

1. Select your language and the country you are shopping from.

2. At the top of the page you will find different categories to browse from (New, Accessories, Love Cosmetics, etc). Hover your mouse over each one to display the corresponding drop-down menu.

3. From the menu, choose the set of products you're most interested in (whips & ticklers, massage oils, etc.) and click on it.

4. This will display all of the products in that category. Choose your favourite product. You can take a look using "Quick View" by hovering your mouse over the product, or by clicking on the corresponding name or image to go to the product page.

5. If this is the product you're after, select a quantity and add it to your cart by clicking "Add to Cart", on the right-hand side of the product page or at the bottom of the "Quick View" window.

6. A box will appear on your screen. If you want to continue shopping, select the corresponding option and return to step 2. If you want to go to the payment process, click "My Cart".

The payment process is quick and easy as it's all on the same page:

7. Billing Address:

Fill out our shipping form with your details. Check that the billing and shipping addresses are correct.

In order to access the wishlist, price comparison or other areas of bijouxindiscrets.com, please sign up to our website. Now is the perfect opportunity! When you fill out the form with your shipping details, check the "Create account for later use" box. You can also subscribe to our newsletter to be the first to receive our news and discounts. Simply check the "sign up for our newsletter" box.

8. Shipping method:

Choose your preferred shipping method: standard or express.

If your order is a gift, click the "Add gift options" box and fill out the form.

9. Payment method:

Choose your preferred payment method. There are three to choose from: card, PayPal or bank transfer.

10. Discount codes:

Enter your code if you have one and click "Apply coupon".

11. Additional information: Add any comments concerning your shipment.

12. Checkout review:

Check the "I accept the terms of use" box. Check that the products you have selected and quantities are correct, then click "Place order".

How can I check that my order was placed successfully?

13. Check your inbox - we have sent you an order confirmation email :D In the event you are yet to receive one, please contact our customer service department at: hello@bijouxindiscrets.com

I have a discount code! How do I redeem it?

1. Go to Checkout or My Cart (both of which are situated in the top right-hand corner of the screen)

2. Find the "Discount codes" box, enter your code and click "Apply".

 3. The price of your cart will change in accordance with the discount applied. If not, please contact our customer service department: hello@bijouxindiscrets.com

How much is shipping?

Standard shipments to Spain cost around €6, with shipping to the rest of Europe starting at €15. If you want express, i.e. 24-hour shipping, this costs €20 as long as you place your order before 3 pm.

In what conditions am I entitled to free shipping?

When you spend at least €50 in Europe ( Spain, Portugal, Germany, France, Monaco, Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Britain, Hungary, Lithuania, Poland, Slovenia, Slovakia), or $50 or more in the USA.

Is there a charge for a minimum spend?

No, there is no charge for a minimum spend.

What happens when the product I've ordered is out-of-stock?

If an article is out-of-stock, we will contact you to offer you an alternative or to process a refund.

Can I buy in bulk?

Yes. Please contact our customer service department at hello@bijouxindiscrets.com so they can give you the email address of the person in charge of bulk buying.



What payment methods can I choose from?

You can use the following payment methods: Visa, Visa Electron, Mastercard, PayPal or bank transfer.

For security and convenience reasons, credit and debit cards are the safest payment methods. Our safety measures guarantee payment confidentiality and security, as we do not store your data. For any queries regarding our security standards, please consult the Privacy Policy section.

Is the payment process secure?

Yes. Your data are transmitted in encrypted form (SSL). For Visa and Mastercard payments, we only accept secure electronic transactions (SET). After verifying that your card is registered with the SET system, the corresponding banking institution has to confirm the authenticity of your data. If they are correct, your card will be charged. If not, the order is cancelled immediately.

When will my order be credited?

If your card is accepted, the payment will be made immediately. You will receive an email confirming your order.

If your card is declined, the payment will not be made. Do not worry if your payment is rejected, we will be able to find a solution to complete your order.

Why might my credit card be declined?

Your card might be declined for one of the following reasons:

- Your details may have been entered incorrectly.  Please check that you have filled out all the necessary fields correctly.

- Your card may have expired. Please check the expiry date on your card.

- You may have gone over your card limit. Please contact your bank. 

Can I get an invoice under my company name?

Yes. In this case, please contact our customer service department at: hello@bijouxindiscrets.com.

Am I entitled to Tax-Free shopping?

No, this is not possible. Tax-Free only applies to products purchased in-store and transported by the traveller himself.



Can I check my order status?

Yes. Go to your account and click "My orders", where you will be able to check the status of your order in real time.

Can I remove an item from my order?

Yes, as long as you haven't already processed the order. To remove an item from your order, go to your shopping cart and delete the items you no longer require.

Can I cancel my order?

Yes, you can cancel an order within 4 hours of placing it.

To cancel your order, please send an email with your username and order reference to mdamico@bijouxindiscrets.com. Your cancellation request will only be accepted if it is sent within the aforesaid 4 hour period. We are super fast when it comes to selecting, packaging and processing your order, so we can't cancel it once it has been shipped.

Once our customer service department has received and processed your cancellation request, you will receive a confirmation email. Please note that if you request a cancellation on nonworking days (weekends and bank holidays), you won't receive a confirmation email until the next working day.



Will my parcel be discreet?

Yes, the parcel you receive will be discreet. All of our shipments are wrapped in the corporate packaging of our shipping company.



Where can I receive my order?

You can receive your order at any address of your choosing, but we do not ship to PO boxes.

Can the shipping country be different to the country of purchase?

Yes, but this only applies to countries that fall under the same shop, i.e. Europe (e.g. Italy-Spain), the USA/Canada, and those located in the rest of the world (e.g. Mexico-India).

How long will my order take to arrive?

When processing your order, you can select one of two shipping options: standard, which takes between 2 to 5 working days, and express, which allows you to enjoy your products the following day.

Will I have to pay customs and import costs?

You are exempt from paying customs duties if you placed your order in the following countries: Spain (with the exception of the Canary Islands, Ceuta, and Melilla), the EU or the USA (with the exception of Hawaii and Alaska). If your order was placed in these locations and is being delivered there, you are exempt from customs duties.

If your order was placed from outside the EU, any customs duty will be paid once the order arrives at destination. You might be charged a tax or surcharge for your order to be processed at customs. These charges will have to be paid by the recipient of the parcel.

We're sorry, but we don’t have any control over these charges and are unable to give you a prediction of the costs involved. Customs policies and taxes vary from country to country.

To get an exact idea of the costs, we recommend you contact your local customs office before placing your order, so as to avoid any unexpected charges.



What is the delivery process?

If you placed your order on a working day (Monday to Friday, excluding bank holidays), please take into account the delivery period provided at the checkout.

If you placed your order over a weekend or a bank holiday, please take into account that your order won't be processed until the following working day. The delivery period provided at the checkout will begin from that moment.

My order is late. What do I do?

If your order is late, please contact our customer service department at: hello@bijouxindiscrets.com. We want to resolve your problem as quickly and efficiently as possible.

 What happens if the courier comes when no one is home?

Shipments are delivered during business hours, from 9 am-1 pm and 4 pm-8 pm. If no one is in at the address you provided, the courier will leave you a note to say they tried to deliver your parcel and that they will try again later. Alternatively, you will receive a phone call/email to arrange the delivery for another date.


Problems with my order

What do I do if I receive a faulty item?

Here at Bijoux Indiscrets we want our clients to receive high-quality products. If you believe one of your products to be faulty, please contact our customer service department at: hello@bijouxindiscrets.com

We want to help you resolve any problems with your item as quickly as possible, so please get in touch and we'll get things sorted as soon as we can.

What do I do if I receive the wrong item?

If you receive an unsolicited item in error, please contact our customer service department at: hello@bijouxindiscrets.com

Bijoux Indiscrets will cover any postage costs regarding the unsolicited product, as well as those for shipping the correct item. We want to resolve your problem as quickly and efficiently as possible.


Returns and exchanges

Can I return my products?

Yes, as long as the product and its original packaging are in perfect condition.

Can I exchange my items?

Yes. You can return the items in their original condition within 30 days of receiving your order. You can also place another order for your new product.

Who pays for postage on the return?

Product returns are your responsibility until they arrive at our warehouse, so please ensure that they are shipped securely.

How will I know that you've received my return?

As soon as we receive your return at our warehouse, we will send you an email to let you know.

In the unlikely event that you do not receive this email within 14 working days of shipping your parcel, please contact our customer service department at: hello@bijouxindiscrets.com.

In this case, if you have returned your order by registered mail or any other service that can be monitored via tracking, please send us your reference number when you get in touch.

How will I receive my refund?

Once the return has been approved (the items and original packaging must be in perfect condition), you will receive your refund via the same means used to make your purchase: credit/debit card, PayPal or bank transfer.

When will I receive my refund?

After approving the return, you will receive a confirmation email indicating that the refund will be paid into your account within a few days. Please note that credit card payments always depend on your banking institution.

What should I do if the refund amount is incorrect?

In this case, please contact our customer service department at: hello@bijouxindiscrets.com.



1. You can return any item and request a refund within 30 days of receipt. If you wish to exchange the product, you will need to create a new order.

2. For returns that are not covered by the standards for Distance Selling, we will refund the monetary value of the goods returned to us, at the price you purchased them. This includes sale items.

3. For hygiene reasons, certain Bijoux Indiscrets products cannot be returned, unless they remain sealed in their original packaging or are faulty. (Skin Jewellery, Flash Pasties, Burlesque Pasties, etc.)

4. In any case, all items should be returned in perfect condition, with their labels and packaging intact. All products are subject to inspection on their return.

5. You must cover any postage costs for returning the merchandise. Product returns are your responsibility until they arrive at our warehouse, so please ensure that they are shipped securely. We are not responsible for any item returned in error.

Please send any products you wish to return to:

Viladomat 291 6º 2ª - 08029 Barcelona, Spain

6. Bijouxindiscrets.com reserves the right to reject returns sent or communicated outside the set limit, or items which are not in the same condition in which they were originally received.

7. If you have any questions about how to return an item, please contact our customer service department at: hello@bijouxindiscrets.com.


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