Désir Métallique · Silver metallic mesh handcuffs

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Satisfy your desire to conquer a heart of silver... An easy-to-wear bracelets for any occasion; privately, they become suggestive handcuffs for soft bondage games.

Its cold and metallic touch turns everything into pleasure!

Content: silver metallic mesh handcuffs.
REF.: 0200




-     Dual use! An elegant bracelets for any occasion and a great handcuffs for your moments of passion.

-     Wear it with your evening outfit, lingerie or simply with your skin.

-     Play without fear! There is no nickel in them so they will not cause any allergic reactions.

-     100% adjustable! The chains of the bracelets are adjustable. 

-     Make a splash! Wear your bracelets with Désir Métallique necklace.

-     Exclusive design by Bijoux Indiscrets.

How to use it

We went to the opening of our friend’s restaurant. It was the perfect occasion to wear my white dress and my favorite silver bracelets, Désir Métallique.

He looked at my hands right as he saw me leaving the room, saw the bracelets and kissed me. He knew what those bracelets meant. We spent the entire evening looking at each other while we talked with our friends. We could hardly wait for it to be over, so the fun could begin.

We ran home, he laid me on the bed. He pulled a chain from his pocket and used it to tie my bracelets to the headboard. Now they turned into fantastic cuffs to fulfill my most secret fantasies...


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