Co-founder and Designer


Elsa left Portugal to do a Masters in Advertising Communication in Barcelona. In 2006 she co-founded Bijoux Indiscrets. Having a Graphic Design college degree, she is responsible for the creative side of the business but, as she herself admits, she’s ready to do “whatever is needed”

On a personal level...

When Elsa is not in the office, you’ll find her enjoying Barcelona’s privileged weather in her terrace, with a nice music playlist, some lemonade and in the company of her English bullterrier Missy, whom she adores. But Elsa’s love for animals doesn’t stop with Missy, for her last Secret Santa she gave a donation to Humane Society.

A good advice, never challenge her to a chess game. This champion even practices on her smartphone.

Her favorite item is the Bi double lollipop because it sums up well the brand’s philosophy, “it’s subtle, fun and meant to be shared”.



Co-founder and CEO


Marta is one of the founders of Bijoux Indiscrets. With her background in Business Management and Administration, she oversees the brand’s business development and expansion.

On a personal level...

Although she’s a big fan of lazy Sundays, Marta has an adventurous and determined spirit like a Goonie and loves nature, which is why she would like to head to New Zealand on her next vacation.

If she has to choose just one product by Bijoux Indiscrets, her pick is the Shhh satin blinfold, perfect for surprises.



Office Manager


Elvira is the veteran of the team and her voice is the one you hear when you call the Bijoux Indiscrets headquarters.

On a personal level...

She admits that cooking is not her thing but she would recognize Kate Moss anywhere, even in St. Petersburg, the next destination she has in mind.

Her favorite Bijoux Indiscrets accessory: Désir Metállique Handcuffs.



Europe, Middle East and Asia Sales manager


Lisa completed her training at the ESCE International Business School in Paris before coming to Barcelona to take Bijoux Indiscrets to every corner of the planet, and she’s doing it!

On a personal level...

When she’s lost in thought, she’s dreaming about her grandmother’s couscous and her plans for a perfect Saturday with brunch, friends, a nap and a concert and dancing the night away.

Lisa has a penchant for chocolate Poême.



Import & Export Manager


From his corner of the office, Joao coordinates production and keeps the soundtrack going on our working days.

On a personal level...

It can’t be proved, but we suspect he’s The Wire fan who makes the best risotto. The Black Celebration album by Depeche Mode changed his life and he loves the sound of the word saudade (longing in Portuguese).

If he has to recommend just one product, hands down: Dark Chocolate Massage Oil.




Jordi is responsible for the logistics at the main Bijoux Indiscrets warehouse in Lleida.

On a personal level...

Jordi is a man of action who knows what he wants: he likes the fast pace of 24 and his favorite superhero is Batman “because he’s darker”.

He has first-hand knowledge of all the Bijoux Indiscrets products and he’ll take the massage candles and Pom Pom feather tickler any day.





With a Bachelor’s degree in Advertising and PR, Andrea left her hometown of Fraga to join Bijoux Indiscrets. Her creative spirit and fast hands on keyboard have become an unstoppable force when it comes to developing content for Bijoux Indiscrets.

In the office, you can always count on her for a good laugh and a nice cup of tea.

On a personal level...

Andrea is a rocker girl at heart. Her favorite song is Are you gonna be my girl, by Jet, and when she’s home cooking her famous risotto, she is listening to Oasis. But she’s not all leather and rock, her favorite movie is Finding Nemo and is a big Grey’s Anatomy fan, mainly because of Patrick Dempsey.

Andrea loves Aphrodisia Orgasm Intensifier Balm and Burlesque pasties.



Sales Executive


In Uruguay she studied Law, in New Jersey Human Resources, and in Barcelona she fell in love with Bijoux Indiscrets. Melisa enjoys teamwork and she’s always looking for the perfect collaboration. You know, 100% synergy.

In the office, you can always count on her for a good laugh and a nice cup of tea.

On a personal level...

If you get invited to Melisas’s house, you can be sure she’ll have a nice chardonnay in the fridge. You can also be sure, there won’t be anything cooked by her because she “stopped cooking for the humanity’s sake”. Her ideal weekend plan is going to a waterpark with her son, followed by a romantic dinner.

Melisa is sensual that’s why she loves Bijoux Indiscrets exclusive fragrance Aphrodisia Body Mist.



Graphic Designer


Mapi has a never-ending list of degrees: a BA in Audiovisual Communications, an MA in Design and Art Direction, a Postgraduate degree in Advertising Strategies… With her boundless creativity, design tools and magic cameras she produces all kinds of audiovisual content for Bijoux Indiscrets.

On a personal level...

Mapi hates Mondays but they always seem shorter when she listens to ‘Downward Spiral’ by Nine Inch Nails, the record that changed her life (vinyl, of course) and drinks the seven quarts of coffee that are de rigueur in her diet. She assures us she is an expert in absurd web content; she has an encyclopedic collection of silly videos and funny GIFs that she uses to make the Bijoux Indiscrets team crack a smile. On her next vacation she’s going back to Japan, a place she recommends to everyone.

Mapi has a soft spot for Magnifique Necklace/Whip.



Junior Sales Manager


Paloma works together with Lisa to expand Bijoux Indiscrets’ presence in domestic and international markets, by developing new strategies to build the brand’s presence worldwide.

On a personal level...

Paloma is from Valencia and is in love with French culture. So she would not mind living in a garret in Paris, a city of which she has good memories having spent some time there as an Erasmus student. She missed the paella, but that’s where she perfected her ratatouille.

She loves to travel and see the world, which is why her favorite product is the Wanderlust Chocolate gift box.



Handling and Assembly


Almost all Bijoux Indiscrets products pass through Svitlana’s hands, she assembles and packages them so they will be in perfect condition wherever they go.

On a personal level...

No one makes potato salad like Svitlana and she enjoys spending weekends with her children, especially if they visit the zoo or an amusement park.



Handling & Assembly


Every time you receive a package from Bijoux Indiscrets, you can be sure it passed through Rosa’s skillful hands. She carefully prepares, handles and packs every product for you to enjoy.

On a personal level...

You can be sure she’s trustworthy because she’s one of the few people to give back a book after she borrows it. She’s an amazing Secret Santa and she prefers giving than receiving. She would love to live in a small countryside cottage where she can ear the rainfall from her comfy living room.



“Gruppo di famiglia in un interno” (1974) by Luchino Visconti
“Solaris” (1972) by Andrei Tarkovsky
“Little Women” (1949) by Mervyn LeRoy
“Jeux d’enfants” (2003) by Yann Samuell.
“Intouchables” (2011) by Olivier Nakache, Eric Toledano.
“PS: I love you” (2007) by Richard LaGravenese.
“Satr Wars” (1977) by George Lucas.
“Coyote Ugly” (2000) by David McNally.
“St. Elmo’s Fire” (1985) by Joel Schumacher
“Grease” (1978) by Randal Kleiser.
“Titanic” (1997) by James Cameron.


“Because of rain” – Ella Fitzgerald.
“Tudo isto é fado” – Amália Rodrigues.
“Singing in the rain” – Arthur Freed and Nacio Herb Brown.
“Here comes the sun” (Nina Simone’s cover).
“Nessun Dorma” aria of Giacomo Puccini’s Turandot by Pavarotti.
“These days” – Nico (Velvet Underground).
Pink Floyd.

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