Rose Petal Explosion

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Delicate details. Scented rose petals to create a romantic ambience for your lover which simply oozes sensuality. Decorate your boudoir, and fill every corner with their intoxicating aroma – to either transform your home into a love nest, or for an exciting surprise to take wherever you go.

Content: fabric perfumed petals (100 pieces).

REF.: 0068



Did you know that...

... the petals are perfumed with the scent of Bijoux Indiscrets?

... throughout history roses have been a symbol for beauty and lusciousness?

... the rose is a universal symbol of love? In many countries it is traditional to shower newlyweds with rose petals and for lovers to give red or pink roses.

... in ancient times, the wealthy inhabitants of Sybaris (the Sybarites) filled their mattresses with petals from this flower which gave rise to the expression “to lie on a bed of roses”?



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