LIGHT MY FIRE · Strawberry warming massage oil

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Turn up the heat in your next massage! Caress and blow to maximize the warming effect, and kiss every inch of skin to enjoy the delicious flavor.

Content: Wild Strawberry Warming Massage Oil (100 ml/ 3.4 Oz.fl ). 

REF.: 0167





-       Surprising warming effect.

-       Edible: Delicious flavor that turns your body into the best dessert.

-       Non-sticky texture.

-       Sugar free and Gluten free: suitable for diabetic and celiac.

-       Compatible with latex.

-       Arousal for your senses: stimulate touch, taste and smell.

-       100% natural Active Ingredients. 100% Vegan. 0% Parabens.

-       Made in Spain.

How to use it

Let’s play with our senses to achieve an eruption of emotions.


Smell: This sense has the ability to take us places with just one sniff. Pour a Little Light My Fire over your partner’s body and let the aroma soak the skin. Everything will get sweeter and spicier at the same time.


Touch: The only sense that’s spread all over your body. Softly caress, let the temperature rise slowly, and blow over the oil for an unexpected sensation. The warming effect will ignite the passion in your bodies.


Taste: You’ve smelled it and you can’t wait to taste it. It’s time; kiss and enjoy sweet strawberry over skin. The best dessert in the world!


Glycerin, Aroma, Aqua, Panax Ginseng Root Extract, Sodium Saccharine, Sodium Benzoate, Potassium Sorbate, C.I. 17200, C.I. 19140.


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