12 reasons to celebrate Valentine’s Day

1 – Improve your imagination

We’re not going to lie, being original is pretty tough nowadays. There’s so much out there and, worse still, we already have it all! So, how does one give a romantic gift without resorting to … Continue Reading

Experimenting in sex: Sensory deprivation

On the basis of trust, we can transcend the boundaries of the day-to-day to experiment in sex. As strange as it may seem, you don’t need gels or toys to open up a new door to pleasure; there’s no … Continue Reading

12 days of seduction with Bijoux Indiscrets

’12 Sexy Days’ is so much more than just a pack. Going far beyond a selection of items, it gathers our most iconic products in a luxury box, with 12 windows and one strict rule: open one window per … Continue Reading

The 5 best gifts by Bijoux Indiscrets

Set to the sound of Christmas carols, it’s almost the season where the queues become never-ending and we start calculating all the potential variables when giving someone a gift. Will they like it? Do they already have one? Will … Continue Reading

Comment stimuler le désir sexuel

Chez les hommes comme chez les femmes, l’absence de désir est l’une des plaintes que l’on entend le plus fréquemment à propos de la sexualité. De plus, cette situation engendre souvent un sentiment de frustration puisque nous ne disposons … Continue Reading

How to increase sexual desire

Lack of desire is one of the most commonly reported complaints regarding sex, both in men and women. It often leads to frustration, since we sometimes lack the tools needed to rectify the situation and don’t know how to … Continue Reading

November’s erotic horoscope by HOROSCOPE

You’d better wrap up warm because November’s going to be a cold one. A sudden drop in temperature will affect all signs and turn the notion of sex on its head. The revolution is coming to your bed! Think … Continue Reading

Increasing sexual pleasure with erotic cosmetics

The internet is awash with erotic cosmetics: lubricants, gels, oils — the variety is overwhelming! It is often difficult to know the difference between these products, as well as which to choose and when, and how to use them…

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Reconnet with yourself through pleasure


We plan our days, tasks, events, menus and sometimes even our erotic encounters. However, when we plan the latter, it’s to spice up special moments shared between two. We rarely do it for no reason…and much … Continue Reading

Erotic horoscope by HOROSCOPE

HOROSCOPE, our latest collection, invites you to discover what your zodiac sign says about your wildest side. Are you ardent? Adventurous? Insatiable? Find out with our erotic horoscope…

In Western culture, the sky is split into 12 segments, … Continue Reading