10 examples about the wage gap

Equal Pay Day (Salary Equality Day) marks just how much a woman needs to work in 2015 to earn the same a man did in 2014. There are noticiable differences between male and female paychecks while in … Continue Reading

What happens when I masturbate: Myths about female masturbation

This is the reality: Women Masturbate. Many feel uncomfortable admitting they do it because society is reluctant to accept that we can get pleasure all by ourselves. That’s why it is still considered somewhat of a taboo subject. … Continue Reading

Getting Oral. Yes or No?

There are many contradictory feelings when ladies talk about receiving oral sex; some love it, others couldn’t care less, and a few hate it.

You know what they say, “to each his own”. … Continue Reading

Virginia Johnson. Sex Research Pioneer

A long time ago, there was a man named Sigmund Freud who told people everywhere that women’s orgasms could be mature or immature depending on their source. Vaginal orgasms were deemed mature as they were experienced by grown … Continue Reading

The media battle for gender equality

Many communication messages and campaigns about women’s rights have been created. All of them sharing the goal of opening societies eyes to show that even when we’ve made progress on the subject, there’s still work to do.

Safety First: Dating Rules

Finding love is hard. And even if sometimes it feels like mission impossible, some of us refuse to stop trying.

However, the dating scene can be a weird place. Whether you were set up, you found … Continue Reading

Top list for my next vacations. 12 countries with better sexual satisfaction.

We were thinking about places to visit on our next vacation and we found AlterNet’s latest research. Or maybe it found us.

To make the list of the 12 countries with better sexual satisfaction, the following … Continue Reading


In 2012 NYC-based artist Sophia Wallace’s installation “CLITERACY, 100 Natural Laws” explored a paradox; the global obsession with sexualizing female bodies in a world that is illiterate when it comes to female sexuality.

She states that … Continue Reading

From me to myself: Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Last valentine’s day my boyfriend broke up with me.

Ok, he didn’t broke up with me on the 14th, it was two days before but still, it was awful.

Surprisingly, Valentine’s day wasn’t that … Continue Reading

Turn up the heat this february: Valentine’s day with your S.O.

Between work and all of our other responsibilities it’s easy to fall into a sexual routine and let the romantic/playful side of sex slip away.

You can be like…

But Valentine’s day is the perfect excuse to … Continue Reading