25 enero, 2018

My experience with the MAZE Vegan Collection

Arola Poch is a psychologist who specialises in sexuality, with a degree in audiovisual communications. She is also the author of the blog La Luna de Arola, where she relays her positive and normalised view of sex.


“Elegance comes from being as beautiful inside as outside” (Coco Chanel).

When talking about sex, something has always seemed obligatory to me: elegance. It can be clear, explicit and with intent whilst maintaining a style. I think the same about everything that has the adjective sexual: cinema, literature, toy or accessory makers, for example. Elegance makes the difference.

Holding a Bijoux Indiscrets products in your hands is a joy for anyone who values elegance. Its exterior is reflected in the box, black with fine lines. The inside paper has a satin gloss and a golden finish, a delicate and magnificent precursor to the products they cover.

On the inside, harnesses, chokers, floggers, handcuffs… of leather. Accessories that are hostile in the collective imagination but within the MAZE designs they become elegant, sophisticated and have personality. There are fourteen new models faithful to its style which expand the collection presented a few months ago. Certainly, elegance isn’t only about how we dress. Above all, it is also about affection, respect, education, loving care, professionalism, dedication, the detail that is put into a product.


 “Eroticism is bestowing the body with the prestige of the mind” (Georges Perros)

Maybe it’s just my imagination but it seems to me that eroticism doesn’t go well with seriousness. What I mean is that a woman cannot be cultured and well- educated as well as presenting an erotic image. Due to social stereotyping (you could also say due to patriarchal stereotyping) there will always be someone who doesn’t take this female professional seriously. Does physical appearance influence intellect or vice versa? Why not give prestige to eroticism and make it the height of seriousness? I have the impression that both eroticism and seriousness would win.

Creating a collection of accessories with ecological values (made of 100% vegan leather) is one taking eroticism very seriously.

Designing products inspired by classic BDSM for strong men and women with character (whatever their role may be during sex play) is one taking eroticism very seriously.

Playing with transgression and provocation whilst maintaining elegance is one taking eroticism very seriously.

“Eroticism is when the imagination makes love with the body”. Emmanuel Boundzéki Dongala.

To put on a Bijoux harness is to fly with the mind. They are accessories that allow you to fantasize about situations, people, transgressions… There are a variety of choices for different tastes: a harness that highlights the chest, a belt that turns into handcuffs, leather floggers, a choker necklace… even little cat ears. They are very versatile and can be worn over clothes, lingerie or on the naked body. They adapt to the body shape of each person. Just as, when and how they are used is part of this unique eroticism. We let the imagination make love to our body.


“He who seeks only the exit of the maze doesn’t understand it, even though he finds it, he will leave without having understood it.” (José Bergamín)

A sexual encounter is taking pleasure in all moments, from the initial flirtation until the most physical pleasure. We focus on and limit ourselves to one goal (whether it’s an orgasm or any other) it’s not about enjoying all the possibilities. A sexual encounter should be like this maze where we play to find the exit, and all the journey, with its closed streets and correct roads, become fun.

The Maze collection is like a maze. Maze is getting lost in possibilities and playing with them. From finding that accessory that adapts to your personality, choosing its colour (camel or black) imagining how to use it, fantasising who to flaunt it to… and doing it. Sometimes, the mysterious paths are the most exciting ones.

“Elegance, eroticism and Maze are about attitude. Being sexy is an attitude.”


Arola Poch places special emphasis on disseminating and normalising fetishes and sexual minorities. She has organised spaces dedicated to foot fetishism at different erotic shows (Barcelona, Porto and more) and gives talks and workshops on the topic and about sexuality in general. A University tutor in communication studies, Poch regularly collaborates with the written and audiovisual press, broadcasting her understanding of sexuality. Furthermore, she collaborates with Spain’s national radio station (RNE), where she has her own sex-based slot every Friday, on the “Esto me suena. Las tardes del Ciudadano García” programme.

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