¡10 years, 10 super women! Bijoux Indiscrets opens his blog’s doors to ten women: sexbloggers, bloggers, sexologists, writers… for celebrate her 10th anniversary.

Knowing how to say “Oh, YES!” without forgetting the importance of “NO”.

By Paula Cosme

Yes, YES! Who hasn’t enjoyed that moment where the world stops, the mind goes blank, muscles contract and pleasure heightens until the spasm hits each of your senses?  For many women nowadays, that lovely moment … Continue Reading

Discovering ourselves

by Arola Poch

Not long ago I was asked “for the person on the receiving end, why is a session of foot fetishism better than sex?” After thinking about it for a moment, … Continue Reading

Dos and don’ts for the best erotic massage

By Thais Duthie

Now, I bet you’ve entertained the idea of surprising your partner with an erotic massage…except you didn’t know where to start. Giving one isn’t easy, that’s for sure. It’s hard to know which steps … Continue Reading

The Sexybility of Women

By Raquel Gargallo

Today you are going to feel beautiful, attractive and sexy…very, very sexy.

How does that sound?

Don’t tarnish your image with what everyone else says is sexy. I want you to … Continue Reading

The best lover: the sexual ‘subject’

Can one person be both a sexual object and a sexual subject? Is there pleasure in using and being used?


Tonight is your night and, for that reason, before you even cross the threshold … Continue Reading


By Maria Esclapez.

As women, we are unaware of the power we have at our fingertips – I’m telling you straight up. We think about sex and sexuality as something foreign and external that’s teeming around somewhere else, … Continue Reading

A little hint of spice in this overzealous world.

By La Coquine Let’s be honest, who hasn’t switched things up in the bedroom before?

It’s not always easy to find time for your partner in the midst of all your work and chores (…which you should be … Continue Reading

Born for pleasure

By  La Pluma de Pandora

Slut. Whore. Slag. Tart. Loose woman.

Throughout history, women’s sexuality has not only been hidden away and controlled by society, but also extensively penalised. One small show of desire and … Continue Reading

The power of the pussy

By Venus O’Hara

Pussy. A powerful word to describe a powerful thing. If I’m honest, it’s not a word I tend to use in speech or in my writing. I find it vulgar. What’s more, if a … Continue Reading

The thrilling dance of sex

Your mouths intertwine and you savour his taste as though it were an exquisite delicacy. You feel the softness of his lips. The wetness of his mouth that you can’t help but surrender to. Your eyes … Continue Reading