2 agosto, 2017

5 must-have accessories this summer

Counting down the hours you have left in the office until you can set off on a leisurely, one-of-a-kind trip? The summer holidays are super important for those of us who slave away all year round, serving as the perfect excuse to totally kick back and surrender to summer pleasure.

To do so, we recommend 5 must-have erotic accessories and toys so you can enjoy the summer in whatever heavenly paradise you choose to unwind. These items all fit perfectly inside your suitcase, so take note and let yourself escape routine.

“5 must-have erotic accessories and toys to enjoy the summer in whatever heavenly paradise you choose to unwind”


This summer has seen the rise of sheer fabrics and, here at Bijoux Indiscrets, we’ve got a huge range of accessories to help you cover up and give you that celeb edge.

We therefore propose our nipple covers and FLASH pasties, which adorn your nipples and add a striking touch to any look. Perfect worn on summer nights or with your festival outfit! Allow yourself be seduced by this accessory, like Kendall and Bella before you.

Thank you everyone who made my birthday the greatest!!!! I love each and every one of you ❤️

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Forget matte lip gloss and choose our Oral Pleasure oral sex gloss instead! With a heating and cooling effect, it’s so practical it fits inside your suitcase and your clutch. What’s more, this gloss is sure to make your summer nights unforgettable. With its elegant design, it won’t raise suspicions and can be shared with your summer love, being suitable for both him and her.  It’s also vegan, so can be used by anyone: it’s paraben-free and has not been tested on animals…do you dare?


If we were to name this summer’s number one accessory, it would have to be the choker. Perfect worn with your festival outfit or for any summer occasion, our Maze Choker will bring out your wildest side and is available in both black and brown. Pair it with denim, lingerie or even bare skin…it’s also 100% vegan!

Most of how we move through life is based on conditioning, programming and belief systems. A Belief can be changed. Altered. Because most of how we operate is based on our beliefs about ourselves (most often created when we were kids) – this means we can evolve our belief systems and change how we operate and move through life.This means you are not stuck. Your mind can change. Your values can change. Your feelings can change! (Because a lot of our feelings are provoked by thought which are created by beliefs) Our brains are wired to FIND evidence (and create evidence) to support the stories and belief systems that we have subscribed to. Which is why nothing is ever right or wrong, good or bad, we decide based on our values and beliefs and programming. Choose which stories about yourself and about the world that you subscribe to. Do they make you feel expansive? Free? Joyous? Do they make you feel anxious, depressed and stressed. Bring in awareness regarding your stories around your health, what beliefs have you chosen? About money, is it good? Bad? Limited, free flowing? About sex, is it secret? About love, do you deserve it? Does it last? About yourself. Are you worthy? Are you expansive? Open minded? About this world? Is it hell or heaven on earth. (Plot twist- you can choose) Here's the trick. Look at all the belief systems around those topics above. Look at all the people you've ever been exposed to. There are some people who really love themselves and have beautiful relationships with themselves. There are people who believe they deserve amazing health, wonderful amounts of money in order to do amazing things, an abundance of people who have family and friends who love and care about them, people who believe that they can create the life and reality they want etc. If they believe these things – it means the belief exists. Which means you can choose it for yourself too. If you want. Yet most people are unconsciously addicted to feeling like shit. And our belief systems support that. And so our mind will find more evidence for us to feel more like shit. *Continued in comments* ✨ Choker @bijoux_indiscrets ? @wildfiretribe_market #thethirdkateye #katcolab

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We’re head over heels with the latest piece of body jewellery from the new Magnifique collection: the back and cleavage chain!  Want to add a super sensual touch to your swimsuit or bikini? Then this is the accessory for you. Not only that, but you can pair it with your summeriest looks! Backless is this summer’s hottest trend, so make sure you decorate yours with Magnifique.


One accessory you mustn’t forget this summer is of course the Twenty One Vibrating Diamond. The world’s first vibrating diamond, it adapts perfectly to the female anatomy. The toy has 3 speeds and 7 vibration settings, and can be enjoyed alone or with a partner! P.S. don’t forget to take it for a splash in the sun…it’s waterproof!

“World’s first vibrating diamond, it adapts perfectly to the female anatomy”



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