19 septiembre, 2017

Orgasms: The best therapy to combat post-holiday blues

Holidays over and feeling down about heading back to the office? We get it! Leaving behind the beach and lazy mornings to count down until your next trip can be a major mood killer… But don’t worry! We’ve found you a simple, accessible and fun solution: ORGASMS!

It may seem like a myth but it’s not. Post-holiday blues are a reality suffered by 60% of people, involving the adjustment period required by the body before getting back to routine after a break, lasting anywhere from days to weeks.

But fear not, for “post-holiday blues” are transitory, and you can start tackling them here and now. Orgasms increase happiness, reducing depression and built-up tension. So forget yoga, ‘cause there’s no instructor needed here (well, it’s up to you!). PLUS, you don’t even have to leave the house 😉

Pleasure is relaxing and reduces anxiety and stress. Hugging, touching and kissing make us feel good as our brain releases oxytocin, which lights up the brain’s pleasure and reward centre. And that’s not just in company…a little self-love also helps to increase self-esteem and happiness – another great antidote for stress”, says Elsa Viegas, cofounder of Bijoux Indiscrets.


According to the stats, 8 in 10 women require clitoral stimulation to reach orgasm. Female orgasms last 8-20 seconds and it takes the average woman 15 minutes to get off. What’s more, there are 8,000 nerve endings in the clitoris, connected to another 15,000+ in the pelvic area.

So let’s ditch the sadness that befalls us when our days of leisure draw to a close. Let’s enjoy pleasure and let’s enjoy our bodies. Let’s seize the 134 orgasms we can have in an hour as women (compared to the 16 our male counterparts can achieve). And if you want to hear and see the shape of your orgasm, check out our Orgasm Library and upload your own, adding whatever tags you like.

 Let’s seize the 134 orgasms we can have in an hour as women “


Here at Bijoux Indiscrets we’ve found the magic formula, allowing pleasure to completely alleviate your post-holiday blues. Twenty One, the world’s first vibrating diamond, is designed to take pleasure to a whole new level. The perfect size and shape for precise stimulation, it has 7 vibration settings and 3 different speeds.

 Designed to take pleasure to a whole new level”

So if you’ve just gone back to work, or are planning to do so in the next few days, we wish you luck…and a fun return to routine!

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