Pom Pom - Feather tickler

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Pom Pom - Feather tickler



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Caresses that make your heart throb.

The body is a map with many hot spots that can be very responsive to a light touch. Stroking certain areas opens the door to a flood of sensations and a touch to others is pure delirium. Using a soft feather tickler to find them is an adventure.


Content: feather tickler.


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Did you know that...

... The skin is the body’s largest organ, and provides us with one of our senses – touch?

... Our skin is full of sensors which are ready to be set off and turn our bodies on, and all it needs is a light, tender caress?

... The right kind of caress on the body’s erogenous zones – the neck, navel, back or thighs – can bring someone to climax?

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