Frou Frou - Organza handcuffs

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Frou Frou - Organza handcuffs



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The mystery of dominating intimacy has the feeling of organza.

FrouFrou combines the richness of organza is delicately blended with the silky softness of satin. The cuffs are designed for tantalizing acts of seduction, to make even the sexiest fantasy a reality.


Content: satin and organza handcuffs.


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Did you know that...

... The sound of sophistication and the elegance of their gowns rustling is what inspired us to create FrouFrou: organza and satin handcuffs for an indulgence worthy of Marie Antoinette?

... To be tied up and feel like a prisoner makes you feel an adrenaline rush; it automatically increases  sexual tension and releases alpha waves that help you enter an almost hypnotic state?

... Frou Frou invites your lover into a sophisticated and delicate way of experiementing with bondage?

... Bondage is one of the most popular sexual fantasies and is easy to carry out? The practice of bondage allows lovers to relax and engage in some role-playing, allowing them to indulge in their fantasies in an enjoyable way.


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