Bijoux Indiscrets

Bijoux Indiscrets


Pleasure Toy

Since its formation in 2006, Bijoux Indiscrets has dedicated its efforts to women and female pleasure. A pioneer in Europe and an international benchmark, Bijoux Indiscrets is synonymous with sophistication and quality, with a current presence in over 40 countries.

Bijoux Indiscrets has conducted a study to determine how fiction conditions our sexual behaviour. To help to change these ideas it has created the Orgasm Library of Real Sounds, showing the way that female pleasure, your pleasure, really sounds.

La Suite has opened its doors to become this privileged and liberated place where ideas, proposals… of human sexuality will come together. A meeting point in which to reflect and contemplate eroticism and sensuality from a playful and tender viewpoint.

Now you've finally made it here, the adventures of pleasure can commence!