Dos and don’ts for the best erotic massage

By Thais Duthie

Now, I bet you’ve entertained the idea of surprising your partner with an erotic massage…except you didn’t know where to start. Giving one isn’t easy, that’s for sure. It’s hard to know which steps … Continue Reading

Which Christmas movie best describes your sex life?

A few days ago, someone on Buzzfeed asked you which movie title best defined your sex life. Among the answers were: “Scary Movie”,” Fast and Furious”, “Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close and Girl Interrupted, etc. But what if we limited … Continue Reading

The Sexybility of Women

By Raquel Gargallo

Today you are going to feel beautiful, attractive and sexy…very, very sexy.

How does that sound?

Don’t tarnish your image with what everyone else says is sexy. I want you to … Continue Reading

Dismantling sexual myths

We had a feeling that sex was a controversial issue all the way back in 2006. This is something we’ve confirmed 10 years on with “Fiction vs. Reality in Sex”, the first sex study to be carried out … Continue Reading

The best lover: the sexual ‘subject’

Can one person be both a sexual object and a sexual subject? Is there pleasure in using and being used?


Tonight is your night and, for that reason, before you even cross the threshold … Continue Reading

How to practise BDSM for the first time

without getting upset.

BDSM* is in vogue and recent erotic novels and films have achieved the unthinkable, making a practice that was once seen as a weird fetish the norm. And sure, they had to release a blockbuster and sell … Continue Reading


By Maria Esclapez.

As women, we are unaware of the power we have at our fingertips – I’m telling you straight up. We think about sex and sexuality as something foreign and external that’s teeming around somewhere else, … Continue Reading

September: An A+ in pleasure

With the dawn of September many of us seem to experience some kind of seasonal sexual slump. The sea and the mountains (or wherever it was that you went to relax over the summer) seem nothing but a … Continue Reading

A little hint of spice in this overzealous world.

By La Coquine Let’s be honest, who hasn’t switched things up in the bedroom before?

It’s not always easy to find time for your partner in the midst of all your work and chores (…which you should be … Continue Reading

Presenting: the 13 sexiest accents in the world…

All I can think about is kicking back with a mojito, burying my toes in the sand and having the sound of the sea whisper in my ear. Hold on a second, do I mean the sea or … Continue Reading