How to give an erotic massage?

Last weekend Bijoux Indiscrets had the opportunity to participate in the acclaimed Festival Erostreet 2018 in Barcelona. In it several personalities of the world of sexology met, Lydia Parrilla was one of them, responsible for carrying one of the erotic … Continue Reading

5 Tips on how to give a massage

Elsa Viegas, cofounder of Bijoux Indiscrets has shared 5 TOP TIPS on how to give a massage and bring sensuality back in to the bedroom.


Touch is an almost forgotten sense, we have 2 square meters of … Continue Reading

Relaxation is the new Aphrodisiac

Erotic Fashion Experts Bijoux Indiscrets present their sensual massage oil collection that will stimulate the sexual appetite.

Did you know that according to a study conducted by Nielsen, 84% of the population suffers from stress? 62% even declare that they … Continue Reading

The Bijoux Indiscrets universe & the MAZE collection (100% vegan)

Guenièvre Suryous, French illustrator and owner of the blog Secrets de Coquines dedicated to women pleasure and sex matters. She loves to draw relationships with humour so that we break taboos. She regularly illustrates for different erotic accessories brands like Bijoux … Continue Reading

Orgasms: The best therapy to combat post-holiday blues

Holidays over and feeling down about heading back to the office? We get it! Leaving behind the beach and lazy mornings to count down until your next trip can be a major mood killer… But don’t worry! We’ve … Continue Reading

Female Masturbation Tips

Taking advantage of a day as important as August 8 (International Women’s Orgasm Day!), from Bijoux Indiscrets we encourage you to self-discover yourself. The first step to know how to masturbate is knowing what you’re dealing with! 

5 must-have accessories this summer

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Elsa Viegas reveals the secrets of Magnifique

Tell the fans of Bijoux Indiscrets a little bit about yourself. Who’s behind the design of Bijoux Indiscrets’ accessories?

I’m a graphic designer by trade and a geek by nature. I love life … Continue Reading

The aphrodisiac power of Spring

With the arrival of spring instincts kick in, we wear less clothing, smiles get wider, the temperature begins to rise… It seems to be the season when we recover our energy. The sun reappears after … Continue Reading

Bijoux Indiscrets at the Oscars!

and… Action! Last February 28 Cinema’s Big Night was celebrated. Like every year, the big red carpet was rolled out for nominees and guests to enter the Dolby Theatre to fete the 88th edition of the Oscars. Can … Continue Reading